How we work

Studio Maui originates from the idea that software exists to empower us in our work. This is at the heart of our approach to any project: effectivity is the end goal, software is merely the means to achieve it.


Your story

You tell us your side of the story. What issues do you have and which solution do you envision? By answering your first questions, we’ll help you forward.



One of our consultants will visit you to answer your first questions. This way, you get an impression of who we are.



We’ll show the solution using images. Images are worth 600.000 words: you will get a clear impression of what your program will look like.



We aim to offer you a clear design. For a better price than our competitors.


Green light

Once you’re happy with the design, you can swiftly start off with your new software!

We would like to meet you

Or call: (250) 309 7524

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