As varied as the projects in our portfolio are, so varied are the possibilities of what we can realize. Below you will find a small impression of the versatility of Studio Maui.

Smart margarine filling with Unilever

Margarine hasn’t been just margarine for a long time. Unilever alone delivers fifty types of different margarines using just their own recipe. This means that the Unilever factory in Rotterdam switches recipes at least 2500 times per week! However, after each switch, residue stays behind in the machines.

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Timely delivery of fruit with Van Ooijen Citrus

How can a software tool contribute to the freshness of fruit? Van Ooijen Citrus faces the challenge of getting fruit from all over the world fresh into supermarkets on a daily basis. The customer is critical, the product vulnerable and the logistics complex; a small delay in the process almost always has consequences.

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Safe sailing with MF Shipping Group

Still waters run deep. That’s how the saying goes, however many additional variables are involved with safe shipping of cargo on water: speed, mass, salt concentration and tides all influence the position of the vessel in the water.

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