Smart margarine filling with Unilever

Margarine hasn’t been just margarine for a long time. Unilever alone delivers fifty types of different margarines using just their own recipe. This means that the Unilever factory in Rotterdam switches recipes at least 2500 times per week! However, after each switch, residue stays behind in the machines.

Unilever feels that’s a shame and unnecessary to toss out, so they came to Studio Excel with the question:

‘Can you design software that maps out what the ideal order is for reuse of the remaining margarine?’. After all, as long as the ingredients of the recipes match, nothing needs to be lost.

We developed a cost matrix that shows what the costs are of each transition from recipe to recipe. Using this knowledge, a favourable production order may be developed, so both costs and waste are minimized.

However, the innovation doesn’t end there. The next step is implementing an algorithm developed by Studio excel, that allows the computer to see what ingredients are in the residue of for example recipe A, so they won’t have to be added to recipe B. This brings us a lot closer to a sustainable production process whereby all recipes are filled in an ideal order!

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